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You need a minimum of 2 players to play.

Join us at Escape Decatur Escape Room for an exciting adventure that’s perfect for families, friends, tourists or co-workers! We’ll give you and your team an exciting opportunity to work together and use your reasoning and problem-solving skills to escape before it’s too late. If you’re looking for a fun new way to challenge your mind.      YOU MUST ARRIVE 15 MINS BEFORE YOUR APT FOR A BRIEFING AND USE THE RESTROOM SO YOUR GAME CAN BEGIN ON TIME
You will have 60 Minutes to escape in each game. You will be finding clues, solving puzzles, and unlocking locks.
Do you have what it takes to escape and  if you prefer to play with a private group you must book the entire room! 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Check out a few of the most common questions we have received from our players. Hopefully you can find the answer you’re looking for. If not, let us know and we’ll do our best to find out for you. Every question and comment is important to us no matter how simple or complex, so don’t hesitate in reaching out if you need additional help.

Are all rooms suitable for children?

Yes. 7 years old and up. Each person must have a ticket. there might be fake blood to let the players know that something has happened. there are no physical contact in any of our rooms.                                                             

 Do i have to sign a waiver

Yes. the waiver protects both the player and the company.

Will I be in a room with people I don’t know?

Yes. if your group do not book all spots. you will be in the room with others but don't let that discourage you from having the experience of life.

Is it okay to drink alcohol before I attempt an escape room?

Please do! having a drink to relax prior to game playing, but if you appear to be to intoxicated you will not be allowed to play and no refund issued!!!

Will I actually be locked inside of a room?

 The first door is never locked so if there is an emergency the quickest way out is through the door you originally entered. Please be advised that unless there is an emergency anyone who exits the first door will result in a "loss" for that person.All others will remain in the game. 

Can I bring my cellphone into the  escape rooms?

No, there will be an area for you to lock your personal belongings.

Do you offer refunds?

No we do not!

Are we being filmed?

Yes,  cameras inside of the rooms are for monitoring performance as well as safety.

players Must sign a waiver before game play.

Our Escape Rooms

At Escape Decatur Escape Room, we’re proud to showcase our selection of creative, mind-blowing escape rooms. Our games and themes cater to groups of all types and sizes. Whether you’re into a scary mystery or a strategic escape, we’ve got the room for you. Browse through our rooms below to learn more, and book with us today.  Please call with any questions 
​Rates for the escape rooms ONLY $20.00 per player so book your escape now.
985 west Pershing Decatur Illinois 


                OUR ROOMS


The Condemned          Difficulty 5 stars

Embrace the Challenge
For those who like Saw type puzzles and riddles

 Imagine after a night of partying so hard you and your friends are starting to wake up, you guys can hear each other but you can't see each other there's a door locked between you guys then you hear a voice saying let's play a game. Solve some puzzles, riddles and unlocks locks to get to each and escape....

jail cell.jpg

   Jail Break    Difficulty    4.5 stars

Cell Mates

You and your long time friends get together for a night of partying, But we all have that one friend that like to take partying to the next level and now you all are locked up in one of the most undermanned, crooked police station. But over hearing that the two officers had to go out on calls and they have not yet to process you all and it would take them over 60 mins out of the station to return so do you escape or wait.    Tic Toc


Difficulty   5 stars

                                              Syfy Adventure Area 51

Your team has been sent to a top secret location in the middle of the desert in Nevada where a distress call was sent from, you were told it was and search and rescue mission but when you got there you notice that you weren't the only team sent there and  the facility has been taken over by genetically made aliens known as hybrid's and now your new mission is to eliminate and retake the facility back.

dont be late.jpg

Crime in Wonderland                      Difficulty   5 stars

If you like the game clue 

There has been a crime in wonderland, poor Alice you and your team have to race against time to find clues leading you to a time of the crime, what weapon and who has done the crime and then escape wonderland before the rabbit hole closes for good.

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985 west pershing road Decatur Illinois 62526

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